My First U.S. Encounter

My First U.S. Encounter

They say everybody has his own firsts. Whenever you have that encounters, its either its gonna make the best of you or the worst.

Mine was a good one and I couldn’t thank God enough for giving me this opportunity to experience the American life.

Life here in America is good, well not for everybody but I guess if it is one of your dream, having it is eventually an awesome experience.

Going to America wasn’t my dream at all. After working almost 8 years in Abudhabi, it really didn’t flashed in my mind to come here.

Its my husband’s long term dream, he didn’t pursue it because I don’t like it initially. Eventually, he got hired and I was too curious not to try and explore the opportunity it can bring me and my husband.

Eventually, with leap of faith, we decided to come. In few weeks I got the dream job that most Filipinos would work hard to be. And indeed, it is one of the best decisions I made.

Now I got one of the best Hospital work in my place in Missouri. People are nice here and very friendly. They also have a nice training program for new nurses.

I am looking forward to learn more here in the Land of the Free, home of the brave.